What is a Gastropub?

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A gastropub is usually a hybrid restaurant, pub and bar, noted for specializing in food and serving alcohol. The word gastropub was coined around the 1990s, though similar brewpubs were around during the 1980s. In the US, a lot of these restaurants have mushroomed over the past few years and there are now dozens of such establishments. In London, they are particularly popular at weekends and at lunchtime as the atmosphere is more relaxed. They are also a good place to enjoy the odd bit of wine in between meals. Many Londoners like to go for a drink at the bar before their meal and a gastropub offer them that opportunity.


London has numerous such restaurants. Some are family-run operators and others are cafes and bistros run by young entrepreneurs. In some cases, a gastropub will combine elements of both the traditional restaurant and pub experience. It is also common to find such eateries selling food from other countries and preparing dishes from them.

A London gastropub will often serve dishes prepared by international chefs. These usually include local produce and often local wines. Some specialize in European cuisine, while others offer a full range of such dishes. Many London restaurants also serve foods from other parts of the world, though not all of them do so.

Many modern gastropubs are located indoors instead of outdoors. This allows them to avoid the problems associated with outdoor kitchens. There may be a small section of the restaurant where cooking is done outdoors, but this is usually a tiny section and is confined to cooking staff and other kitchen staff. It is also very unlikely that a kitchen will have its own electrical wiring, as this would make it difficult to cook in and could lead to electrocution.

The equipment used by most gastropub is state of the art. The latest equipment includes large stainless steel stoves and ranges that can heat food much more rapidly than traditional stoves. In addition, modern technology means that many now have their own refrigeration units that are capable of storing a wide variety of food products. These units often include refrigerated sections that can store any product that can be frozen or that needs to be thawed. For example, some stores will sell puddings, juices and even ice cream.

A typical gastropub will have an area for customers to sit and eat. These can be found either on the patio or on the premises itself. Sometimes, a special seating area may be incorporated into the design of the restaurant. Customers may also be able to order food to be delivered to their homes.

A number of restaurants that offer gastropub also have cookery courses in addition to fine dining. Many of these restaurants will offer both lunch and dinner services. However, many also offer breakfast services. In addition, many of these restaurants will offer gluten-free foods and a variety of organic and healthy dishes.

Deciding on a gastropub depends largely on personal preference. There are many restaurants that serve this type of food and it can sometimes be hard to choose the best one. Some of the factors to consider include price, design, proximity to where one wants to go and ease of access. It may also be important to consider the environmental conditions of the surrounding area. If there is little to no foot traffic in the area, it may not be a good idea to open a gastropub. However, if the surrounding area has a lot of foot traffic, then a gastropub may be a good idea.