What Do You Call a Meal Between Dinner and Lunch?

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What do you call a meal between lunch and dinner? If your answer is anything but “breakfast” you are part of the minority. In most families, dinner is something that happens later in the day and lunch is the big meal of the day

Most families divide up their working schedules so that mom can spend some quality time with the kids before dinner. That’s not always possible though. You might have to work a little early in the morning or evening to make it to lunch on time. If that’s the case, here’s one way to get together before dinner. Have your children split an afternoon of indoor activities with mom and take a trip to the park, zoo or lake.

If you plan to call it a lunchtime, that may mean it’s still early afternoon, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. It can be as exciting as a day at the zoo when the kids play in the water or in the sand. You can fill the afternoon with indoor activities like taking a walk to see the birds in the park or enjoying a nature program like the one from PBS that you watch on a block-time channel.

What about a potluck dinner? Potlucks aren’t just for Sundays. You can have them any day of the week except Sunday. If you don’t have a potluck idea, you can still have a great time by arranging a dinner party. Your guests will love the opportunity to celebrate your efforts and you’ll get plenty of time to catch up with old friends or catch up on work.

What about a late night snack? There is nothing worse than waking up way before your favorite show. If your alarm doesn’t wake you up in time, maybe a quick cup of coffee would help. A quick smoke before you drift off won’t hurt either. You can make your own healthy snacks with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or you can go with one of your family’s favorites.

What about a fast food lunch? If you’re short on time, you might have to find something that can fit into your late night schedule. What about going to a drive through? If it’s a school night, you may have to sacrifice school for pizza. But you might be surprised at how good some of these foods taste. For dessert, you can always make your own ice cream.

What do you call a full meal? A full meal doesn’t have to be a big meal. It can be a simple change of pasta to rice. Some people skip the pasta and go with a grilled chicken salad instead. Another great idea is having a protein drink after dinner and having an all fruit day the next day.

What do you call a plate of food on your plate? A plate of food between dinner and lunch may sound like a good idea until you realize that you are totally stuffed. You can always add more on your plate later. But for the main course, make sure you have enough food so that you don’t have to take anymore food away from what you need to nourish yourself.

What do you call a healthy snack? If you skip the pizza and load up on nuts and granola bars during your lunchtime, you will be hungry way before lunch. While a healthy snack is better than nothing, you will be starving by the time dinner rolls around.

What do you call a fast food meal? A fast food meal between dinner and lunch is the worst idea ever. You’ll usually get a burger topped with nothing but fat, cheese and butter. Even the low-fat choices tend to have tons of empty calories that will make you want to binge later. You might as well just have a couple of chicken nuggets.

What do you call a healthy dinner? A healthy dinner is something that can include vegetables and lean meats. Lean proteins like skinless chicken breasts and turkey breast tend to be some of the healthiest proteins you can find, and you can also add some low-fat cheese to enhance the taste. You can dress up your dinner in a low-calorie sauce and bake it in the oven or eat it on its own.

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