The Coup That Bolted Bolivar

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The Coup That Bolted Bolivar

Bolay, a Bolivian Revolutionary! Bolay is the nickname of a peasant farmer that spoke out for his rights and for peasants and farmers in general. His peasant farm had been confiscated by the corrupt government of the time and he set up a camp there. He had no other option but to take up arms against the injustices practiced by the authorities. In 18uvian, the revolutionary warlord Diosdado Macabe called upon the peoples to rise up and help defeat the soldiers of General Maximilian Ponce Mena.

Bolay was among those who went to help the peasant army. He had some experience fighting for his ideals, and he took part in combat on many occasions. The people of the village where he settled became his friends. He helped them build their crops, provided them with food, and taught them arts of agriculture. He was known for his tenacity and once managed to form his own farming cooperative, he began providing for the needs of the peasantry.

Later in the 20th century, Bolay played an important role in ensuring that a Bolivian revolution happened. He organized masses of workers to go to the Congress of Workers of the World. He was instrumental in ensuring that the Constituency of Santa Fe was established as a Workers’ Republic. Thence, all that remained was to elect a President. Bolay supported his fellow comrades, the Maoists in forming the guerilla forces fighting the ALBA (ALBA today) in the war against the former colonial power, the US Empire.

The people did not have much to choose from amongst that ALBA stood out! The Americans were not interested in seeing a People’s Republic of Santa Fe! They wanted a society like Bolivia without any social programs or democracy! They wanted Bolanes to eat beans and to follow their religious beliefs, which they considered ‘heathen religion’. Thus, Bolays were branded as traitors and treated harshly. Many died in prison many more in execution!

Things changed after the ALBA invasion of neighboring countries. The Castro brothers set off to consolidate their hold on power. However, the people of Santa Fe had enough and rose up against them leading to 100 days of warfare, until the guerillas of the ALBA were driven into submission. Finally, Castro promised better treatment for the people of Santa Fe, who he called ‘God’s children’. It was not because he was a religious man, but because he realized that he had no power to do anything about it!

Once elected President of Bolivia, Bolay turned his back on ALBA and joined the communist block, proclaiming himself the new President of Latin America, the ‘Mano Guajiru!’ With his help, they set off to Nicaragua, which became a minor independent country. In other words, the ALBA block started as a front for the infiltration of a hostile world power, which they called, ‘the revolution’. It was not very hard for those in ALBA to throw out the corrupt politicians of the Philippines, and other ALBA member-states. But when they tried to throw out the elected government of Honduras, which had been endorsed by the United States, the poor people of that nation rose up in arms against the corrupt leaders, calling themselves the ‘Saints of the Wind’.

Finally, the ALBA block succeeded in getting rid of Honduras from ALBA. This was not because they had been smart! They simply took over an already weakened country, threw out the elected leaders and the people and installed a new government that promised to undo all the damage that had been done. Bolay and the ALBA leadership were thrown out, after a general election that was well contested by the opposition. However, their victory sent shockwaves throughout Latin America, and the ALBA countries immediately declared martial law!

A few days later, a plane carrying Evo Morales, the elected President of Bolivia, to Latin America was shot down by the US military. Evo Morales, like Bolay, had taken advantage of the revolution that ALBA had started. Evo Morales is now held incommunicado in an American prison, charged with drug trafficking, which he denies.