The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Thai Orchid

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Thai Orchid

thai orchid

The science behind the healing power of Thai Orchids cannot be denied. The beauty and grace of these exotic plants are truly awe-inspiring. They have the ability to provide balance to the mind, body and soul. If you have been wanting to enhance the beauty of your home with an all-natural, safe and effective decoration, the healing powers of Thai orchids will surely amaze you.

“Nuad Thai” is the original name for this type of plant. It is often called, “Thai Orchid Massage” in its true form. Its original form of healing is not known to many people who haven’t tried it. It is believed that the unique features of this plant, as well as its amazing aroma, contribute to the healing powers of this flower.

This exotic, healing and beauty is truly a work of art. The uniqueness of its shape and size is what makes it stand out among other flowers. Its tubular form with five petals that looks like a teardrop makes it different from any other orchid in the world. Each piece of this flower has several small, purple blooms that make it look more striking and exotic.

“Nuads” is the scientific name for this plant. When fully grown, it can grow up to six feet. When the flowers are mature, they are ready for a massage treatment. This plant grows better when it is watered on a regular basis during hot, dry weather. During rainy season, it would require extra attention and caring.

The benefits of this are numerous. Aside from being able to give a person physical benefits, the relaxing and stress relieving benefits of Thai Orchid massage is very beneficial to one’s soul and body as well. It is known that ailments such as depression, anxiety, lack of self confidence, lack of motivation, irritability, fatigue, lack of sleep and many others are relieved. It also promotes healing of body parts and improves circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. It is also good for blood purification and enhances immunity.

If you want to give this kind of massage, it is advisable that you first prepare all necessary materials such as oils and lotion, towel or cloth, face mask, tea light, scented oil, etc. It is also important to wash and dry the body thoroughly before applying any massage treatment. Make sure that it is clean before applying any oil because dirt attracts dirt and the whole process becomes ineffective. Before starting, cover all exposed skin because it will retain the heat during the massage session. Add some salt or baking soda to the water so that it will taste good.

Breathing in the Thai Orchid’s scent can invigorate the mind, body and soul. Its refreshing and delectable scent will refresh the person’s spirit and soul. It is also said to be a stress reliever and healer. When a person is in deep need of relaxation, he should inhale the scent of Thai Orchid. It would help him to calm down his senses and relieve his tension.

After the complete massage therapy, you can expect that your person will feel extremely relaxed and fresh. It has a tremendous effect on the person’s health. He will feel comfortable and at ease with himself. Other than being a natural healer, the orchid is an alternative medicine that is widely used by people. It also aids in improving the immune system of a person.

This plant has many uses. It is a great detoxifier, healer and an aphrodisiac. In giving a person a massage, the leaves of the Thai orchid can soothe and soften the muscles. Aside from that, it also promotes a sense of wellbeing and refreshment in the person.

However, there are some disadvantages of this exotic plant. One of the most important is its sensitivity to cold. The leaves can easily get frost-like in case of freezing weather. If you want to keep the leaves well chilled, make sure to wrap them in a silk towel or soft cloth. You can also place the buds on an indoor plant stand made from ceramic or clay. If you live in a place that is very cold, you can store the orchid buds inside a plastic bag for several days before you are going to use it.

Another disadvantage is its high level of maintenance. This is not the right type of plant for someone who wants to have a more active lifestyle. It needs constant attention and regular trimming. A well cared for orchid will grow slowly but it will definitely grow more than it is able to produce. But then again, it is not necessary to trim it very often because it can do its job on its own.

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