Sugo the Pug

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Sugo is one of three dog breeds that carry the Sugereola breed standard. Sugo means “dawn” in Italian and it is Sugo’s strong and vigourful colours which make him so unlike other dogs. His most distinguishing feature is his white chest and black ears, but apart from that he has other very noticeable traits. Sugo is one of the most intelligent dogs you’ll ever meet and he is highly eager to please you.


Sugo is very energetic. He wants to be around you all day long and will constantly jump up and greet you with his exciting chirping of the “chiocche” which is a kind of bird song. Sugo also loves chasing after things which may seem like not much fun like balls or Frisbees. If you want your Sugo to slow down, then you’ll have to give up the chase and just spend more time loving and cuddling with him. This way you can get him used to being the dog owner instead of the dog in charge.

Sugo also enjoys playing with toys. You should try to purchase toys that Sugo will want to play with. There are a lot of accessories available on the market designed especially for sugo and some of them can really be fantastic for sugo. Try to find a toy that is relatively inexpensive because you don’t want to spend too much later.

Sugo has a life expectancy of ten years and a physical appearance, which are a little bit more than you’d like for him to have. However he is a big boy and will get older before his whiskers are completely covered. In fact you might find that he starts shivering during the winter months because he is so sensitive to cold. Good thing though Sugo is a very friendly and devoted pet.

Sugo is a natural leader as he was bred to be used in this capacity. Sugo will be more than happy to follow you around and will take you for any direction under the sun. He is extremely intelligent and inquisitive and is well able to make progress in just about anything. Sugo has an almost clairvoyant sense of what’s going on around him, which is good for someone who doesn’t like taking orders.

Sugo loves to entertain. He will do practically anything to make your day brighter and better. He will jump at guests and run after them, he will dance and play games and generally just want to be part of the whole day. Sugo is very social and will often accompany you to places you want him to be, it’s part of his charm.

Sugo needs a little exercise now and then but not too much since he gets quite tired easily. Sugo loves to climb and you may find he spends a lot of time at the top of trees and barking at anything that comes up. Sugo will destroy your favorite rugs if you’re not careful, so keep him leashed and out of reach of curious children. Sugo also loves to swim and it’s important that you take him regularly in the pool or the tub.

Sugo has a sweet tooth, but he does not like to let you know that he’s got one. Sugo has a very high metabolism and he’ll eat anything including garbage if it will make him happy. Sugo is a very independent dog and he will not listen to you when you tell him to do something. Sugo is a very playful dog that will chase after you, jump at you, and want to play with you. If you think you have a great dog then you definitely have a Sugo waiting for you!