Review of Nick’s Pizza

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Review of Nick’s Pizza

Nick’s Pizza Cafe opened in West Hollywood, California, in 1992 and it has been continuously going strong ever since. This location is located at 4th Street near Del Monte Drive. The storefront is decorated with graffiti art, as well as the logo of Nick’s Pizza, which is a very distinctive and bold red symbol that is very visible from the window. In addition to the bright red logo, Nick’s Pizza also has several other advertisements and even some humorous messages on the window.

According to customer reviews of Nick’s Pizza, the atmosphere of this restaurant is great – there is lots of seating and a pleasant music played in the background. Customer service at Nick’s Pizza is also good, as they are friendly and always check on you to make sure you are having a good time. There are about forty-five different types of pizza that can be ordered at Nick’s Pizza. If you want a basic pizza, they have that as well.

Customer reviews of Nick’s Pizza generally described the taste as average, although it did get good feedback when one customer said, “I normally get Italian pizza here, but this place has a real Italian flavor.” Another customer said, “I normally get just normal pizza here, but this place definitely has a real Italian feel to it.” According to the menu, there are sixty-four different kinds of pizza, including stuffed pizza, spinach pizza, meatball pizza, and the famous cornmeal pizza. The spinach and meatball pizza is described as having the traditional Cornmeal crust, while stuffing and meatball pizza is served with a stuffed tomato, and the other stuffed pizzas are topped with spinach.

Customers seem to be happy with the food that they get – they often write in with comments such as, “The food was delicious and the prices are great. I will definitely come back!” According to restaurant reviews of Nick’s Pizza, this restaurant gets very busy during lunch time, as there are people eating there for lunch all day. Because there are so many customers, there is a line of people waiting to get their pizza – as well as to ask their pizza for delivery. However, the wait does not seem to be long, as many of them can be served the same meal within twenty minutes.

Another customer, who ordered a pizza, said, “The place was very clean – no lines, and the food looked decent. I definitely will come back.” According to the same review, some people do have a negative attitude about the service, but there were many positive ones as well, such as, “ordering was fast and the food was really great.”

The Cost is very reasonable – Many people compare the prices at Nick’s Pizza to other chain restaurants and the prices are not as expensive as one might think. According to one review, the cost of a meal at Nick’s is only about forty dollars, which is a great deal for a meal that offers good value for the money. Another review stated, “I would definitely go back here if I’m in the area.” The restaurant is also known for having promotions and sometimes has two for one entrees.

The Restaurant itself is great – Nick’s Pizza offers customers an atmosphere that is comfortable, authentic and fun. The employees are very friendly and they make sure that you are taken care of. On a recent visit, one of the women that worked there recognized the birthday girl of a guest, which made the evening even more enjoyable. In addition, there are several tables available for gathering, which leaves enough room for large groups. Another thing about this restaurant that impressed customers was the music.

The pizza, overall, was very good – Although not perfect, it did meet or exceed the customer’s expectations in most areas. However, the crust was a little flat and the pizza needs more sauce to add to taste and depth. Overall, the price is very reasonable and the customer is satisfied. For these reasons, this restaurant has been ranked a 4.5 star and continues to be voted the best pizza joint in the city by both readers of food critics and the local newspaper, the Free Press.