Restaurantes Cerca De Mijas – A Review of an Amazing Mexican Restaurant

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Restaurantes Cerca De Mijas – A Review of an Amazing Mexican Restaurant

For those of you who have visited Spain, you may have heard of the restaurantes Costa de Mijas or Caticlan. These are part of the growing number of modern hotels opening in this area of Spain. The unique atmosphere and high quality of food and drink are drawing residents from all over Europe to sample the delights offered by Costa’s restaurantes. There are also a growing number of tourists flocking to Costa de Mijas to sample the high quality of Spanish hospitality.

Located close to Fuengirola, just opposite the Mar Menorca Golf and Beach Resort, Caticlan is perfect for all year round sun worshippers. An energetic, family-friendly multi-cuisine chain with a full lounge bar, it is perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons. The warm Mediterranean climate makes it perfect for enjoying an evening meal overlooking the bay. During the summer, many of the restaurants Cerca de Mijas features a Kids Club. If you have young children, you can try out their delightful delicacies at their specially themed restaurantes.

The cuisine offers a wide range of dishes including fresh fish and chips, salads and tapas. Seafood is also a popular choice, although the quality can vary depending on how far offshore the fish are from the coast of Malaga. Tapas are typical Costa de Mijas restaurant fare and you will find many different types served alongside traditional Spanish meals. The tapas can range from just a simple mild dish of vegetables to a main course consisting of prime rib, Spanish lamb or prime beef. There are also a few tapas bars scattered around the restaurant area, offering a little extra variety to your dining experience.

As well as tapas, there are a large number of dining options. Some are more local than others, with dishes such as Pastel en Barcelonan or a traditional Spanish salad or platter being served. This type of food tends to be very filling, with plenty of crunchy vegetables and chicken or beef filling the stomach. Other options include an all primary or a prime rib dinner. These tend to be on the larger side, but will usually offer plenty of vegetables and seafood. seafood is also very popular in Costa de Mijas and restaurants such as Restaurantes Cerca de Mijas excel at this cuisine.

Tapas are much lighter in terms of overall food satisfaction and are typically served alongside other Spanish fare. Fish, poultry or whatever else can be chosen, will also be accompanied by fresh, raw vegetables. Often, you can also expect rice or pasta with the tapas meal. If you are not a big eater, you may also sample the many different snacks available.

Restaurantes Cerca de Mijas also offers a good range of modern, contemporary Spanish cuisine. You will find a good selection of tapas starting at just over $10. It is important to try a few of the tapas offered, in order to determine the right one for your tastes. Many tapas are based on heavy cream sauces, which offer a rich, creamy flavor. There are also many traditional dishes served at Restaurantes Cerca de Mijas. One popular dish is seafood enchiladas.

The atmosphere of Restaurantes Cerca de Mijas is pleasant. There are a couple of restaurants inside, so it is easy to get out of the heat and have a nice, quiet dining experience. The location is ideal, as it is centrally located. The restaurants are separated into several smaller sections, with tables situated in each section. This means that there is always adequate room for your family to enjoy a nice meal. The wait staff is also friendly and helpful.

Overall, Restaurantes Cerca de Mijas is a wonderful place to go out to eat with the entire family. The food is delicious, and the atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant. It is a great place for a night out on the town. I would definitely come back again.