Johnny’s Pizza Kitchen – A Great Option For Foodies

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Johnny’s Pizza Kitchen – A Great Option For Foodies

Johnny’s Pizza had been a local hangout for many of us growing up. Now, it’s a national treasure. This restaurant is located at 6th Avenue and Eastheimer in Houston. It is a place where people from all over the world come to enjoy their food. It is a restaurant where you can feel relaxed while enjoying your meal.

When you are there make sure that you try the pizza. It will leave an impression on your mind. The fact that it is made by a celebrity is enough to make you come back time and again.

The interior design of the place is simply fantastic. It has warm color tones and a nice atmosphere. The countertops are marble and the tables look very inviting. When you order it you can even choose a seat for yourself. You can have your lunch or dinner there.

There are about sixty different types of toppings to choose from. You can even get it with two meats on it. Their specialty is the Neapolitan style. This means that it uses a lot of tomatoes, fresh spinach, and ricotta.

People who eat Italian foods love this pizza. It gives them the flavors they are used to. The price of a slice is very reasonable. You will save money over the span of your meal if you order it several times.

This restaurant has sixty different styles of sauce to choose from. You can try a blend of them on your pizza or go for one particular style. They have it with or without the spinach. It is also available with pepperoni, sausage, garlic, mushrooms, and more.

The food at the restaurant is excellent. Some of the diners do not like it as much as others. The portions are generous and each diner is treated like royalty. One thing that people do not like about this restaurant is the line, but this is understandable. You need to wait in line if you want a bite to eat. You will not be able to avoid it if you like this place, but it’s okay to stick to other places like Olive Garden or Applebee’s.

Another reason why this restaurant is a hit is because of their prices. They give you a very large slice for a very cheap price. If you are a big eater, you might want to make sure you get a couple of servings of pizza. People who like to eat pizza as a meal tend to be happy and satisfied with this place.

I was there for dinner and had the best dinner I’ve had in awhile. The spinach pizza is one of my favorites and it came out on a warm and toasty crust. I bit into it was tasty but a little bit messy since the sauce was thicker than I would have preferred. Overall, I would try this place another time if I were in the area.

The ambiance of the restaurant was just like any other fine dining restaurant. Seating was plentiful, and the place is clean. The music they play is great and I couldn’t hear the band as well as some of the other patrons. The one complaint I have is that the portions are a little thin. The employees were friendly and even came to change a chair for me once I got up.

As a last minute pick-me-up, I decided to go with a simple order of their regular pizza and salad. The salad looked just like the picture on the package and was delicious! The crust was very crisp and tasty, but just slightly too much spinach for my tastes. The pizza itself was absolutely delicious. I would definitely come back just for the pizza alone!

I will definitely be back for the different types of pizza that Johnny has to offer. Between the different ones, I’m sure I will find one that I like. The prices are great, especially considering the quality. Prices are very reasonable compared to some of the other pizza places I’ve been to. I will definitely be making an order of pizza from here before I head home today.

There were quite a few people who stopped by for a bite to eat as we were walking past the window. Some were getting food that they were reviewing while others were just curious what all the fuss was about. Overall, it was a great experience. I came home feeling like I had made some good friends and enjoyed myself so much that I decided to tell everyone about it. If you’re ever in West Hollywood and love your pizza, make sure to stop by Johnny’s Pizza Kitchen and have a taste of this delicious and healthy cuisine!