Best Asian Restaurant Recommendations

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One of the fastest growing specialties in the dining world is Asian cuisine. Asian cuisine features many major regional cuisines including: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Philippines, and Vietnamese. Each country and region of Asia have its own special style of cooking, often associated with a particular religion or region.

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With over 30 million people now using Chinese restaurants as their main source of food, you would be hard pressed to find any other type of cuisine that receives as much attention as Chinese food does. Chinese dishes are a fusion of flavors from all the different countries in Asia. From Szechwan Chinese to Hunan Chinese, they embrace every cuisine from the area. They even have a special dish for every season. Here are some popular Chinese dishes that most people will agree are staples of Chinese cuisine.

Bowl of Mixed Vegetables: This dish contains an array of vegetables with one meat in a sauce. The different meats can be duck, beef, or shrimp, depending on your preference. The bowl is then decorated with vegetables and you eat it with soup. This dish can be a meal in itself, or an appetizer to accompany any other type of Chinese meal. If you like, you can also include dim sum or char is in the mix.

Chow mein: This is very similar to the classic chow mein that you might be familiar with. However, it uses boneless, skinless chicken. Typical noodles used are the soba (buckwheat), on, or the mind. Traditional Chinese recipes typically will add ginger, scallions, sesame oil, and soy sauce to the mix.

Fried Chicken: This is another favorite Asian dish. Typically, this will come as a part of a larger Chinese meal. Typically, fried chicken is simmered in a variety of tasty sauces, most of which are richly flavored. If you really want to get creative, you can substitute fish for the chicken as well.

Chop Suey: This is a traditional Cantonese dish that also goes by the name “choy Suey”. It is prepared using a savory mix of vegetables, meat, and noodles. It is typically served during late afternoon. Chop suey means “leftovers” in Chinese.

Fried Rice: Rice is served very rarely at a restaurant in America. In Asia, rice is almost a staple. You will almost certainly find it on the menu of an Asian restaurant. Typically, fried rice is made with white rice. The white rice is stir fried to add its distinct flavor.

Asian restaurants are a fun and interesting experience. They are filled with delightful fare from around the world. Depending on the specific restaurant, you can have many different choices for your Asian meal. If you want to explore many different types of food, I encourage you to check out one in your area. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Of course, if you’re looking for the traditional Asian dishes you have come to love, this will not be difficult to find. The Szechwan style is a favorite among many Asian restaurants. Some of the favorites are tofu with bean sprouts, Manjishtha noodle soup with bean sprouts, and Fried rice.

I also enjoyed discovering the vegetarian selections of Asian restaurants. There are many dishes that are actually vegan. Of course, most are still deep fried, but the textures and flavors can be altered to make a completely different dish. Among my favorites are the vegetarian Pad Thai, which use Thai peanut sauce to spice up the vegetables; the Lo mak tofu which are marinated in teriyaki sauce and cooked on top of steamed white rice; and the most tuna mushroom dish. You can also try the various Pad Thai dishes that use tofu instead of meat.

Many Asian foods are served with rice as a side dish. Some of my favorites include the creamy coconut milk tea with fragrant rice cakes. Of course, the dessert selection is almost unlimited. You can choose from so many of the dessert dishes including chocolate cakes, ice cream cakes, and chocolate fudge sauce. There are also desserts to take home. One of my favorites is the banana split cake.

Most Asian restaurants will offer several types of food to please every palate. You can find a little bit of everything here. Whatever type of Asian restaurant you decide to go to, be prepared. Try something you’ve never tasted before. Or, simply decide to take home some of your favorites. Either way, you’ll enjoy your visit!