An Introduction to the Casa Nostra Beach Resort in Venice

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An Introduction to the Casa Nostra Beach Resort in Venice

Casa Nostra is a wonderful boutique hotel located in Tuscany, Italy. The location and spectacular view of the surrounding countryside from this historic building have made it a favorite among families who vacation in Tuscany. With four rooms and a full suite, the hotel offers all the comforts of home while giving visitors the chance to experience Tuscany like no other.

Visitors can begin the tour at the entrance of the building. You will be greeted by a friendly tour guide who will help you navigate the grounds and take you on a short walking tour of the historic area. Within two hours, you will be able to see Tuscany’s rich culture, visit the Duomo, the Santa Maria Novella, and the Piazza dei Cavalli. Tour guides are available to take you through each of these landmarks as well as several others.

You will then make your way into the main building itself. Here, you will find an open square surrounded by cobbled stone walkways. Today, the casa has been restored to its original appearance and features an open plan. While you are touring, don’t be afraid to try a glass of wine or two! The bar offers a number of delicious treats for you to enjoy.

Your tour ends with a stroll down the main road, which leads you to the beautiful Garden of Eden. The garden is surrounded by the majestic presence of the Gothic bell tower. Throughout the centuries, artists have portrayed scenes from the Garden of Eden in impressive detail. Today, you can wander through this paradise on foot, riding in the footsteps of the Roman goddess, Venus, and stopping by vendors who sell food, flowers, fresh linen, and Mediterranean specialty items such as olive oil.

There is plenty more to see and do while you are on your tour. In addition to visiting the gardens, you will also be able to view the ancient remains of Tuscany’s most famous cities. The archaeological site of St. Celius, discovered in AD 43, is the site where the Romans first constructed their city. Today, the location of St. Celius is marked by an archaeological center, where visitors can see original streets, columns, and coins. Within the center, you can also take a boat ride to the Roman Amphitheater.

A few hours away from the center is the town of Magaluf. Once you have spent a few hours touring the region, it is time to visit one of the most scenic parts of the island: Playa della Vapore. This beach is located on the western side of the island, near the port of Bruce. In the center of the beach, there is a popular observation deck that allows you to watch over the sunset. While here, make sure to try your hand at windsurfing, kayaking, or simply walking along the shoreline.

To finish your tour of Venetian coastal lifestyle, head back to the casa Nostra for a dinner. You can dine either in your own private home or at a restaurant that is located inside the premises. Restaurants in Venetian coastal areas are particularly popular during evening events. On a hot summer day, the terrace restaurants are also packed.

A trip to Venetian shores is not complete without taking in a little golfing. Joining a local golf club is one of the best ways to truly enjoy the beautiful Italian landscape. It is important to make reservations ahead of time, because these spots fill up quickly. For groups, the Piazza dei Cavalli is the number one spot for high quality golfing in Venetian coastal areas. In addition to golfing, there are many water activities available, including snorkeling and surfing.