An Introduction to the Casa Mia Beach Resort

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An Introduction to the Casa Mia Beach Resort

Casa Mia is a relatively new hotel in Phuket, Thailand. It is mainly known as a beach resort in the area. It is a relatively young hotel, having been built in 1992 and hence has relatively modern features. It is located on the north of Patong Bay. This means it is only a few steps from the ocean. There is a wide range of activities available around the main pool area, including water-skiing, banana boat rides, scuba diving and snorkelling.

casa mia

There are relatively a few rooms in the hotel, mainly located at the beach front. The rooms are generally luxury rooms and the Beach Club offers some really nice views of the beach. The hotel has four restaurants – The Cheesecake Parlor, Bistro Mito, The Buffet and The Bar. These restaurants are located next to the hotels main pool area and all provide food for all tastes.

There is a selection of water sports equipment available at the hotel and there is a casino as well. Casa Mia also has a spa and a wet bar. There is a wide range of activities for all budgets and the hotel arranges for parties at night. There is a wide range of activities going on in the surrounding areas, so if you want to try something different you will find it here. It is one of those beaches in Phuket that has something for everyone.

The service at this Phuket beach resort is top class. The rooms are clean, the staff warm and friendly and the food is excellent. The bar tends to be quiet and relaxing, with the music ranging from mellow to loud and pounding. There are bars and clubs in the immediate area, but the hotel has its own. The pool area has a water-slide, which is fun to watch during the evening and the beach resort itself has quite a number of activities going on at any time of the day.

This beach resort hotels has a variety of accommodation options. The most popular being the case, which tends to be close to the airport. The cheapest is the guest house and the more expensive ones tend to be mid-range. There is a good choice of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Other beach resort hotels offer more condominiums than individual rooms, which can be cheaper. Many are set close to the sea. They tend to look more modern than the casa, but are not as plush. Some have balconies and have sun decks.

One area that is very popular is the beach resort spa. People come to the spa for a relaxation and a deep pampering experience. Many people also come here for the pedicures and manicures, as these are a must if you are staying at one of the beach resorts. Spa treatments are usually for an hour or two and the beauty of it all is that you do not have to pay for it. Just go for it!

Casa Mia offers a number of restaurants and bars. These are located in the central part of town. It is not difficult to find a restaurant or a bar, although there may be some difficulty finding a parking space, especially during peak hours. Most beach resorts offer English-speaking staffs to help you with your needs.

While you are on your visit to the Casa Mia, you should not miss the nightlife in the area. There are many live performances going on around the area. This is the main reason why the Casa Mia is such a popular beach resort. The Vida Center, which houses the Vida Theater and the Guggenheim Museum, is also located in this area. You can spend a good few nights here and enjoy a good show. The prices here are a bit higher than most beach resort hotels, but the quality of the shows is much higher as well.

There are a number of five-star Casa Mia resorts in the area. They offer much better service than the cheaper ones. The services are of a higher standard as well, with more attention to detail and personal hygiene. However, the area is much smaller, with only a handful of rooms. If you are going to stay here, you might as well get a room that is as comfortable as you can afford.

The cheapest way to travel to the Casa Mia is by plane. There are also regular flights to this island. However, if you are traveling during peak season, the price of the air ticket will be considerably more than if you chose another resort. When you have to decide between the three beach resort resorts in the area, then your best option is to choose the one that is least expensive, which is the Casa Mia.

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