A Review of Dinosaurs Pizza Restaurant

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The Pizza hut franchise is one of the famous restaurants in the world. The restaurant was founded by John H. Costner and his wife, Anna. This restaurant was initially called Castleberry Woods. The name was later changed to John Costner and the restaurant was officially opened on April 4, 1953. The popularity of the Pizza Hut grew tremendously when movies like Star Wars were released.

dinos pizza

The pizza served here is prepared according to the style mappings used by the Italians. For instance, they may use mozzarella, Romano or mozzarella blended with cottage cheese. The crust of this pizza may be thin crust or deep dish. Most people prefer the thin crust because it is easier to cut.

Most people who tried the pizza ordered it after a long day at work or school. Some may have come home late and couldn’t sleep, so they had a late night snack. Other people may have gone out early for the party and they ordered pizza during their visit to a friend’s house. In all these cases, the pizza served here is perfect for late night or early morning meals. It satisfies the appetite of all.

Most customers are happy with this pizza because it is prepared according to their preference. They may have taken their pick from a variety of toppings. The options are as long as one’s taste buds can handle them. For instance, there may be extra cheese, sauce, barbecue, chicken, vegetables or even a banana!

The food in this restaurant is prepared by the talented chefs working there. A number of years ago, this restaurant was discovered by college students. The students had just started going out at night after classes. The pizza that they had ordered was in the takeaway boxes they were given. These students devoured the pizza as if it were their favorite food.

Another group of customers were regular lunch visitors of the restaurant. They were in search of a good late night meal. They came in just in time for their preferred late night pizza. As they sat down, they immediately started to feel hungry again. The pizza they got was delicious, piping hot, and loaded with vegetables.

There was another group of regular customers. These were college kids. Their waitress noticed that their stomachs were rumbling as they approached the table. She asked them if they would like some pepperoni pizza to go with their meal.

The pizza was great. The crust was crispy and golden and the sauce was tasty. The customers ate an entire pizza just standing up. Customers were talking about how good their Dinosaurs Pizza was and when they left the restaurant, they were absolutely delighted with their meal and their money.

The Dinosaurs Pizza Restaurant began to slowly gain customers during the night hours. This is probably because there is plenty of seating and the price is relatively cheap. However, business slowly picked up during the week. Monday morning, they surprised all of their patrons with a very large pizza delivery for lunchtime. Some even said that they wished that they knew about the Dinosaurs Pizza restaurant sooner!

It is rare to find a pizza joint that serves nothing but pies. People love pie and so do the owners of this wonderful restaurant. There are hundreds of different kinds of pies that diners may choose from. They also have an extensive list of pasta dishes on their menu.

The Dinosaurs Pizza Restaurant is open Sunday through Thursday for lunch and dinner. They also serve breakfast and brunch on occasion. Dinner is usually buffet style and prices range from a few dollars to over $20.

Dinosaurs Pizza has four locations in Chicago. The restaurant is open late night and early morning. Anybody who wishes to enjoy pizza in the company of friends and fellow diners is sure to have a great time at either of the locations.