A Restaurant Which Offers Many Different Dishes

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La Place is a family-run restaurant situated in the Plaza Mayor in the city centre of Malaga. It is named after the owner (Mrs) Paco, who started it as a small catering business for her daughter’s wedding. She then decided to expand it into a much bigger and more prestigious establishment, making it one of the best restaurants of the area. Her husband managed the daily operation while she took care of managerial duties. La Place is now one of the best restaurants of the whole town.

The food served at La Place is fresh and tasty, despite the fact that the majority of it comes from outside of Spain. As the owner says: “We import everything, starting from fish to oysters”. They also use local ingredients whenever possible, employing mostly local people whose talents and skills are passed on to them. The most famous dish of La Place is the well-known Spanish red chorizo, which is made using a selection of meats, including pork and beef. Other dishes of the place include black beans, rice, roasted vegetable medley and fried calamari.

There is a variety of other Spanish dishes on offer at La Place. Of these, a few are the famous paella which is made with rice, seafood, chicken, black beans and vegetables and which is popular throughout the world. Another popular dish is the black bean soup which is usually served on top of a delicious tortilla that is prepared with black beans. Then there is the famous quesadillas, which are prepared with black beans and queso, and of course, there is horchata which is made with an incredible chocolate sauce. La Place also has numerous outlets selling desserts such as tiramisu and cakes such as the fabulous Tiramisu cake.

Some of the many Spanish dishes served in La Place include the famous morrocan chicken, a Moroccan dish of chicken marinated with olive oil, lemon juice and Rosemary. It can be served with many types of breads and is served with or without potatoes. La Place also has outlets selling Spanish desserts such as an excellent white chocolate cake. Excellent ice cream is also sold in the restaurant and you may purchase ice cream cones for dessert if you so wish.

As there are many dishes prepared in this restaurant, it is best to try them all before you choose just one. The good thing about La Place is that the prices are reasonable and the food is excellent. There are a wide variety of dishes on offer and therefore, you can try out many different ones before sticking to one. This restaurant is popular among tourists because of the delicious food and friendly service.

This restaurant serves a variety of fresh seafood such as striped bass, grilled squid, mussels, haddock and tuna and also has a wide range of dishes to choose from. Some of the popular dishes in the restaurant include the sea fish casserole, fried calamari, beef stew with barley and carrots, vegetable tray, vegetable lasagna and the classic French vegetable topiary. Apart from these, La Place offers many other mouth watering delicacies which is sure to please even the most ardent food lover.

The La Place is situated in close proximity to the Casa Loma beach and the Portuguese terraced buildings. It offers a great view of the beach and offers a wonderful environment to enjoy your time in. During summer, the terrace offers a fantastic outdoor dining experience that many visitors like to enjoy, especially during these economically tough times.

The La Place is a great place to stop over while traveling in Paphos. There is plenty of good and affordable food to be enjoyed while stopping over in this part of Cyprus. The dishes served here are generally Mediterranean in nature and this may be another reason for the popularity of the place. La Place has a great number of visitors who like to stop over here every now and then. If you are planning to visit this place in Cyprus, then you can take a bus service from Nicosia airport which will take you right to the place. If you don’t want to waste any time and have a blast while visiting the place, then you must travel by car as driving here is not only safe but also provides you with great scenic beauty of the countryside of Cyprus.